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Source Data
Select all required options and load your Text/CSV file
Destination and Field Mapping Options
  • Import data into a existing table
  • Create a new table
  • Enable/Disable fields
  • Select datatype and length
Data Format and Validation Settings
  • Select unique fields or a group of unique fields
  • Specify required fields
  • Use Date, Number and Boolean formatting options
  • Skip reccords if a validation failed
Validation Engine
  • Colored validation errors and warnings
  • Filter for errors and warnings
  • Advanced tooltips with detailed information
Action Type and Key Fields
The data can be scripted in several ways.
  • Just insert the records
  • Insert only new records
  • Insert new records, update existing records
  • Update only existing records
  • Insert all records, but delete first if records exists
  • Delete existing only records
Choose your own key fields, or just select from one of the indexes on the tables.
Specify additional options.
Result Example: Insert new records, update existing records.
FAQ - Error on reading file
In case of getting strange data on reading the file, play arround with the File Format.
Best Practice: Save your Text/Csv file into Unicode and read the file with the Unicode file format option.