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Version: 3.04
New Features/Changes
  • Configure command timeout for large queries
  • Minor fixes
Download version 3.04 here
Version: 3.03
New Features/Changes
  • Supporting SQL Azure!
Download version 3.03 here
Version: 3.02
New Features/Changes
  • Fix varbinary(max) scripting
  • Quick Scripter:
    Support tables without primary key
  • Minor fixes
Download version 3.02 here
Version: 3.01
New Features/Changes

Text/CSV to SQL: Bugfixes.
Version: 3.0
New Features/Changes

  • Text/CSV to SQL (new module)
    • Read and validate Text/CSV files.
    • Generate T-SQL data scripts.
  • Template support for Text/CSV Exporter
    • Save and re-use your settings
  • Command line support
    • Generate SQL scripts or export data to Text/CSV using command line processing only (no user interaction)
  • More settings in Quick Text/CSV Exporter
    • The quickest and easiest way to export your data to Text/CSV
  • More formatting options in Text/CSV Exporter
  • Database Connection Favorites: Include (encrypted) Password
    • Login with just a few clicks
  • User interface enhancements: Quick filter for DropDown controls
    • Filter objects if you donít like to scroll through
  • Minor fixes

Version: 2.1
New Features/Changes

  • Full and native support for SQL Server 2008
  • Load Multiple Templates: Fix bug on loading path
  • SQL_Variant, XML, Text and NText fields can't be selected as key fields anymore
  • Do not replace or recommend "." with "_" in filenames anymore
  • Design change: Enlarge table and view source drop down controls
  • Design change: Enlarge "Script from template" window
  • New SET NOCOUNT ON/OFF option

    Download version 2.1 here
    Version: 2.0
    New Features/Changes

    SQL-Scripter changed to Shareware.
    No expiration date anymore.
    Non-registered version is limited.
    Download version 2.0 here
    Version: 1.92
    New Features/Changes
    Fix "Set Identity Insert On/Off" bug
    Version: 1.91
    New Features/Changes

    Fix bug on creating reports - Error message:
    An error occurred during local report processing. The definition of the report 'Main Report' is invalid. The report definition is not valid. Details: the report definition as an invalid target namespace '//schemas.microsoft.com/sqlserver/reporting/2005/01/reportdefinition'
    Version: 1.9
    New Features/Changes

  • Script image, varbinary, binary fields
  • Script ntext fields with more than 4000 chars
  • Script text fields with more than 8000 chars
  • Quick Scripter: Additional settings
  • Quick Scripter: Script to single file
  • Script From Template: Script to single file
  • Fixes
  • Minor layout changes

    Version: 1.8
    New Features/Changes

    Create Reports - Export data to PDF/Excel
  • Different datasources (Table, View, SQL)
  • Individual layout settings
  • Date, Time, Number and Boolean format options
  • Export to PDF or Excel

  • Note:
    The reports are generated using Microsoft Report Viewer, which is not part of .NET Framework 2.x. In order to use the report and export functionalities, you have to install Microsoft Report Viewer first. Installation and usage of Microsoft Report Viewer is free.

    Download Microsoft Report Viewer

    Version: 1.7
    New Features/Changes

    Export data to Text/CSV
  • Different datasources (Table, View, SQL)
  • Individual settings like delimiter, quoting, escape chars, CRLF handling etc.
  • Date, Time, Number and Boolean format options
  • Export all tables/views in a single step (Quick Scripter)

    Version: 1.6
    New Features/Changes

    New Features/Changes
  • SQL Server 2005 compatible
  • Converted to .NET Framework 2.0
  • Quick Scripter - Generate data scripts for all tables in a single step
  • Reporting Services Files: Download all report files from a Reporting Services database in a single step
  • New option: Delete all records first
  • Use N' unicode prefix only for real unicode datatypes (nvarchar, ntext, nchar)
  • Fix bug: Blank Value '' instead of NULL
  • Fix bug: Set finalising options also in case of no data, e.g. Set Identity to Off

    Version: 1.5
    New Features/Changes

  • Multiple Scripter - Create multiple output scripts in a single step
  • Favorites for connections & folders
  • Enable the folder field and new button to open this folder
  • Extend result file header with the record count
  • Improve quoting of object names
  • Fix bugs

    Version: 1.4
    New Features/Changes

  • Fix: Deal with " inside text
  • Table DropDownBox - Show only user tables (hide system/replication tables)

    Version: 1.5
    New Features/Changes

  • Expiration date increased to 31 Dec 2004
  • Support for Unicode, ASCII, UTF8 and BigEndianUnicode
  • Save settings to template file / Load settings from template file
  • Fix: Support for case sensitive servers

    Older versions not listed anymore.