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SQL Scripter is a powerful tool for Microsoft SQL Server database administrators and developers
to generate data scripts in a readable and executable T-SQL format.

Source Data
The source for your scripts could be a table, a view or your own SQL.
Action Type and Key Fields
The data can be scripted in several ways.
  • Just insert the records
  • Insert only new records
  • Insert new records, update existing records
  • Update only existing records
  • Insert all records, but delete first if records exists
  • Delete existing only records
Choose your own key fields, or just select from one of the indexes on the tables.
Specify additional options, save your settings as template.
Result Example: Insert new records, update existing records.
Result Example: Generate Insert Scripts without any checks.
Result Example: Insert only new records.
Result Example: Binary fields (exp.: image data type).
Quick Scripter
Use Quick Scripter to generate scripts for all tables in a single step.